Living with Hope when the World is on Fire

For many of us, 2020 has been the most traumatic year of our lives. It’s affected us all across generational lines, political tribes, and economic realities (although predictably disproportionately for those on the bottom). We’re all grieving, we’re hurting, and we’re angry. Everyday we hear another story or experience one ourselves that deepens our collective […]

The Myth of Priorities

The term priorities, with an ‘s’ on the end, is self-contradictory. If something is a priority, it is the most important thing. When we have two or more items defined as the most important, it doesn’t elevate their importance. It does the opposite. We no longer know which one is more important and it’s confusing, overwhelming and wastes far too many […]

Islands and Bridges

Everyone is an island. We are all born alone. No one knows our inner experience of the world, yet we all share in experiencing this kind of aloneness. In this way, we’re aren’t just alone. Together, we have potential for more. Growing up is discovering bridges can be built to connect us with one another, […]