Hi, I am



I live. I learn. I write, and then I die.

Life has a way of making the complexities of the universe still profoundly simply.

Everything lives. Everything dies. Everything belongs. Accepting the tension between the most beautiful and profane of life’s extremes can help snap all of it into focus. Embracing our death, rather than avoiding it, helps clarify what we want with life.

If you were to die two weeks from now, what one thing would you instantly know you need to do?

I need to write. There’s a book inside me still searching for words to give form and structure to the most inspiring and wild ideas I’ve collected throughout my life. I’m not pretending to be a writer, but I’m learning to pay attention to the whispering of my heart, when we honor one another’s pain, we discover hope is always still alive.

So here I am, writing one sentence at a time.

I write about the shifting paradigms of modern faith, holistic masculinity, and respectful parenthood. You can read a few articles here, get in touch with me, or see what I’ve been up to lately.